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A Dose of Cuteness for a Case of the Mondays

June 14, 2010

Ok, these were meant to go on my “babies!!” page, but their cuteness is deserving of a feature!  We noticed this little nest in one of our window boxes, what made us nervous was that we were able to get this box down off the window (before noticing the eggs of course) without the mommy bird attacking us.  We thought they were abandoned.  I took these pictures a couple hours later from Harper’s nursery window:

To be honest I was nervous to check on them, until yesterday I saw a mommy bird bringing worms over to the nest.  I looked out Harper’s window and the view was fine!

Don’t worry I didn’t get in these guy’s faces, I am just lucky to have a good camera these days.  It was cold and rainy yesterday, it looks like there are 4-5 birdies in here all snuggled up.  I will try to snag a couple more pics before they leave the nest.

Should we have a naming contest?!


Mailbox Mavens: Butterfly Dress

June 8, 2010

This is maybe my favorite piece I have had the privilege of styling so far.  To be honest I don’t know if I would have risked sending this lovely little frock on this journey.  Thank god Megan of the Discerning Fashionista was!  The biggest challange in styling this beauty is that it needs no accessories!  How to make it my own?  I think all the ladies did a fantastic job so far!

The owner: Megan of the Discerning Fashionista

Amy of the Bargain Hunter Extordinaire:

My interpretation:

I am obsessed with cropped leggings right now, kickin’ it 2007 style.  Megan if you ever in the market to sell this dress, shoot me a heads up 😉

Dress: Betsey Johnson- Thanks Megan!

Belt: from a Rebecca Taylor dress

Leggings: Marshalls

Heels: Charles David

Necklace: T.J. Maxx

Sunglasses: LOFT

Ring: Lia Sophia

Vote For Me! Hue Leggings Contest!

June 7, 2010

Talk about no shame.  The person with the most votes get a $500 Hue shopping spree, here is the fun part!  If I win I will be putting at least 1/2 of the winnings into Giveaways!  Now have I pulled you in?

vote for my leggings look!

Between the Rain

June 7, 2010

We had a fairly exhasting weekend really filled with nothing, i.e. going to the beach and watching lightning.  Saturday we went to the beach until the clouds started rolling in, so we ran home, I threw on a sweater and we went to dinner.  On the way it was bright and sunny…and raining.  At least there were plenty of rainbows!

I don’t know what Doug’s deal is. Guy is constantly grimacing.  He did just explain to me that he always has at least 1 injury from running and he thinks squinting makes him look like Clint Eastwood.

Sweater: YaYa

Maxi Dress and Bag: Target

Watch: Adidas

Mailbox Mavens: Contrast Striped Skirt

June 4, 2010

Expect to see a lot of clothes from the Mailbox Mavens Style Exchange in upcoming posts, I think I have received 6 items in the past couple of week.  Laziness update: still in full force.  Honestly this skirt, which belongs to AB of The Owl’s Closet, fits into my summer wardrobe of comfortable clothes!  This skirt has made the rounds so be prepared for a full post!

Here is how the owner, AB of the Owl’s Closet styled it:

Next it went to (birthday girl!) Terra of Stylish White Female.  I have to say when I saw this styled with a black tank and a white button up I thought, “drats, I’m out of ideas.”

Away this little nugget went to fellow Massachusetts blogger, Amy of The Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire:

Then, she arrived in my mailbox to which I said “sh*t, I have way too much stuff to style”:

I just have to say that, despite being sad, I am so happy to have appropriately sized boobies back, I don’t have to wear a burka to avoid looking like a stripper.

Skirt: the Limited- Thanks to AB of the Owl’s Closet!

Tee: Forever 21

Belt: H&M

Jellies: Marhsalls

Sunglasses: Rayban

Mailbox Mavens: Harem Pants

June 3, 2010

These were SO fun to style.  I have had plans for them since I got them a couple of weeks ago, but I wear yoga pants exclusively these days.  I now how a mound of Mailbox Mavens clothes that I need to style and send out.  These pants are kind os sweat pant material so I allowed them into my “casual clothes only” bubble.  Like my last Mavens Post these pants belong to the super sassy, super fab Christina of Fabulocity on Amish Country.  Here is how she styled it:

Honestly, I think Christina styled these perfectly, this is one of my favorite looks from her so mine does not even compare as far as I am concerned:

The wedges are totally just for show, partly because I am a fraud who wears flip flops every day and they got destroyed from rock climbing in them (yes I know, hence the switch to flip flops).  I adore this shirt from H&M and have quite a few ways I would like to style it, so you will see I I decide to get dressed again this summer.  As you can see by my repeat use of a grubby headband I am also on a shower strike.  Good thing I am not using this blog to get men.

Pants: Forever 21 –Thanks Christina!

Top: H&M

Sunnies: LOFT

Wedges: Modcloth

A Romp in the Yard

June 1, 2010

This is the first romper I have bought that I did not return. I would not consider myself tall at 5’6″ but have some major crotch issues in most one piece anythings.  This fit perfectly, I wore it to a Memorial Day BBQ.  THe beauty is I can dress this up with some fancy pumps or wear it out and about; switch out the belt and the tank underneath.  I think that is pretty cleaver, I may only have an 8th grade education, but I Google everything.

The BBQ was great, Harper played with kitties the entire time, so be sure to check out my Babies!! page for new cutsies picks of her being the nut she is.

Romper: Modcloth

Leopard Tank: Marshalls

Sandals: Marshalls

Sunnies: Loft