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My First Consignment Experience

August 10, 2009

As a former online shopping addict, I had a TON of designer clothing that I ordered, didn’t fit or look right but thought, “I’ll get it tailored,” or “maybe when I don’t have boobs or weight 98 lbs this will look great.”  Long story short I had to get rid of a lot of cloths so I made an appointment at The Dress Code in Gloucester, MA.  I am usually a donator but figured I would give consignment a try, I understand trying to cloth the homeless but maybe they don’t need a YAYA prairie dress in a New England winter.

Photo Credit: Barbara Koen

Photo Credit: Barbara Koen

So overall it was pretty painless and the woman working at the shop were very professional and straight forward.  I will say I did get a little emotional, I watched them go through the cloths emotionless hoping for them to say, “wow what a great find!” or “you are clearly a shopping genius you should start a blog.” But nope, nothing, then they hand you back your rejects (which was very little because they must have just thought a was a genius though they didn’t feel the need to vocalize it) and send you on your way.  I decided it was best not to inspect the clothing that they did not want though I glanced in a saw they took a handmade sweater made and designed by yours truly and felt pretty satisfied.  I immediately went straight to the DPW and tossed the rejects in the donation bin…(don’t worry the YAYA dress wasn’t in there)

We will see where this consignment thing takes me, I can stop in on the 2nd of the next two months and see if my items sold and they have an anorexic check for me.

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