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August 11, 2009

Denim Leggings.

Jeggings. Say whaaaa?

So I am willing to try any style, especially the latest cut in denim, but the idea of denim leggings kind of grosses me out.  First I don’t like jeans with a ton a stretch, yeah my legs may look great and my luv-handles may be a little less severe but try to explain this to my crotch and bum, their argument is they should not look the same and I have to agree.  They flatten my bum and make my crotch look bigger and all kinds of front-butty, never a plus.  Also you can’t wash them, the will come out of the drier all wrinkled, ironing jeans is a major pet peeve of mine anyone that suggests I dry clean my denim leggings is in for a world of pain.  I would never want to discourage someone from trying a new style but for me I am just not sure.  What do you think?

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