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Having a Total Becky Bloomwood Moment

August 11, 2009

So I am kind of freaking out.  Here is what happened, Geek Squad called, my camera was ready to be picked up (don’t get me started on the camera) well they refunded me $35 for the repair, money already spent.  So I decided: I drove all the way up there, I could spend $50 as long as it was on my list, but now I have an extra $35 so maybe I will allow $80ish.  So I roamed over to Nordstrom Rack to see if they had anything from “the list.”

I found a great trench by Guess for $79, not usually a fan of the brand but this thing is gorgeous.  I also found a Miss Sixty Trench (on sale for $50!) that I had been eyeing on but felt it looked a little momsie on me so I went with Guess.  I also found some really cute black skinny jeans, they where juniors so they were only $25.  Then it happened, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a dress, the same dress one of my friends had worn to a wedding this summer and was pretty mum about who it was and where it came from, I have been trying to solve this mystery for months!  Now I know I should live by the motto “ho’s before clothes” but I loved this dress.  Well there it was, a black, pleated, ruffled, strapless, Juicy Couture Maxi.

So Now I need it, it is also $79 down from $225.  Long story short I rationalized that the jeans would be there, there were three pairs in my size and I don’t think the juniors clothes fly off the shelves there.  So now I am up to about $150.  But I need the trench and the dress though it is way against the rules (oh and it looked great on, I have been afraid of strapless because I am still nursing and the ladies are large and in charge, but the dress downplayed them).  My hubby told me I have $250 left in my monthly budget (not my CLOTHES budget my everything budget) but I figured I could pull it off.  Then it happened.  I did something I am totally against: I opened a store card.  Well I got a $20 gift card and now I can buy the jeans!  Problem is my husband, per my request, completely controls the finances, it works out well because he is an accountant and I am a certified non-genius.  So I have no way to even pay off this card.

My best friend/worst enemy

My best friend/worst enemy

It gets worse, so now I still had rationalized that I could spend $80 on my MasterCard, so I kept shopping.  I bought a boyfriend blazer at Nordstrom for $58 and a dress at Banana Republic for $89.  What is wrong with me!  So I figured I could use the money from consigning my cloths to put towards the Nordstrom credit card balance, but I need that money to put toward my parents 30th aniversary trip.  If you feel like I am ripping off Sophia Kinsella in this post you might be right.

Well the long and short of it is the Banana Dress is going back, its not very flattering on me but is still super cute.  The rest I will work out.  I always think the hubby is going to kill me, and he has yet to get mad at one of my shopping faux pas, but I feel like there has to be a last straw at some point.  I hid the bags in my luggage in the back of my closet until I have a master plan, which will likely involve me returning it, but the Trench is defo a keeper, I will post pics tomorrow!

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