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August 11, 2009

Since cleaning out my closet (not in the rapey, murderey, white rappery kind of way) I have a few staples and thats about it, and actually it feels good.  I went from hating everything in there to just seeing my absolute favorites everytime I opened the doors.  To prevent further haterade indigestion I have decided to make a list of fall must-have staples and I am not allowed* to stray from this list.  The dillema is I want to buy good quality cloths that I can invest in, but am defo on a budget, it should be interesting…

Photo Via

Photo Via

*Ok so I will likely see something I need in the next week and will stray anyway, but even if I don’t I can still dream of new cloths, otherwise this blog isn’t going to be very entertaining!

Below is my list of fall must-haves, click on the clothing item to see inspiration item:

The idea is to mix and match these items with each other and my current wardrobe, stay tuned for styling tips on these items!

What are your fall fashion inspirations?

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