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Do’s and Don’t

August 12, 2009

In real life I work from home and time to time I have to go in for meetings.  Today was one of those days.  Generally the dress code at these meetings is pretty neutral-leaning don’t (as it should be, we work in non-profit, not the time for a fashion show).  Well today was a new day, I saw a major do, and even better a MASSIVE don’t.  Of course I did not take my camera to capture the Do but I didn’t want to totally creep out my co-workers, they already did a CORI/SORI check on my and I didn’t want to sign off on another one, and it prob would have been inapropriate to capture the Don’t as well.

Lets start with the Do.  It was by a woman that does the same job as I in another region.  I am guessing she is in her early 40’s and a knockout.  She was wearing a timeless linen beige safari dress, looked to be from the 90’s but in such a good way, cinched with a light brown woven belt with a little stretch and a leather leaf motif buckle, she topped it off with a leopard silk scarf and a leather watch.  I couldn’t stop staring at her she looked so chic.  I never wear scarves but now I am super inspired.

Ok now for the Don’t!  O.M.G.  I can’t even begin to describe this hot mess.  The woman was in her late 50’s early 60’s, attractive, but had crazy eyes.  She was wear an off the shoulder top straight off of Carmen Meranda, no bra.  She also had a skinny red jersey scarf tied around her neck and was, NO LIE, fanning herself with one of those Chinese folding fans.  We were in a hotel conference room, the AC was on full blast, I had to go out to my car and grab a sweater.  It was the type of hot mess you dream of.  Imagine an old, slutty Ugly Betty.  Or an aging (aged) Mariah Carey, crazy eyes and all.

On a Fashion Crime Scale of 1 to 10 I will give it a “Turtle Shoe”:

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