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Boyfriend Blazer-Check…ehh

August 13, 2009

I am rethinking the B.F. Blazer.  It really is super cute but as I have mentioned I have big boobies thanks to the baby and feel the roominess of this jacket does nothing for me.  I LOVE men’s wear but I am thinking I am going to trade in the blazer for a Chanel-type jacket I saw in Zara.  Realistically I am not going to wear the BF Blazer to work and do not know how many season I will get out of it.

Boyfriend Blazer: Necessary Objects, Nordstrom

Boyfriend Blazer: Necessary Objects, Nordstrom

Here I am doing my best “rethinking,” unfortunately for you and I both, God blessed me with the mind of a Model and not the looks or skills of one so you will have to suffer through my awkward pics.  I will say for $58 this was a great buy and great quality, I think I will return it and redeem myself a little from my temporary insanity/spending.

If I do keep this I would wear it several ways:

  • With a super girlie, chiffon, mini and flats (and tights depending on the season)
  • As pictured above with a white oversized tee, button earrings, leggings (or  black skinnies) and wingtip/men’s wear heels
  • With an off-white ruffled sleeveless shirt (“I don’t want to be a pirate!”), boyfriend jeans and gladiators
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