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Loathing Loafers

August 16, 2009

I have been OBSESSING over loafers since I honeymooned in Rome in ’07.  I honestly get dressed up 1-2 days a week because I am so busy with the babe and she voms on me so it is kind of not worth it, but I would love to look a little cuter on my down days.  We spent a lot of time around the Spanish Steps (duh) and all the Italian woman were so chic, I was always more of a moccasin girl until I saw all these woman in their 20’s in moc croc loafers, ankle jeans, long sleeve tees and scarves: super easy, casual and still very stylish.

I have been searching for the perfect loafer for almost 2 years.  I found close to it at H&M and wore them to pieces in about 2 weeks (they were $14 and are not the loafers pictured below).

image via

image via

I went to my local Macy’s to sift through the millions of pairs of loafers they carry.  It seems every pair is just a touch off.  I want ones that will last but I can’t afford +$100.  I found a super cute pair on clearance for $29 from $89.  This is where it gets annoying.  I am convinced the man that works the floor at Macy’s in the shoe dept is a warlock.  He is prob early 50’s, good looking in the way that serial killers neighbors say, ” I can’t believe he did, he was so handsome and normal.”  He creeped up on me and offered to grab me my size while looking right through me with his “put the lotion in the basket” smirk.  Well they didn’t have my size in the color I asked for but there were 4 different shades/materials/patterns.  He told me they didn’t have my size and immediately just walked away, and honestly when I picture the scene he is floating backwards, as you would expect a vampire to, never turning his back to me. I was done at this point so I didn’t even bother with the other ones.  So I still have no loafers, go figure.

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