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Right Now Icon: Alexa Chung

August 25, 2009

Being home all day gives me VERY limited TV options.  One day while watching the “Bonnie Hunt Show” (I know, I know) this exact thought went through my head, “That Pat Sajack is such a stud.”  So I was more than excited to discover “It’s On with Alexa Chung.”  Her style is perfectly me.  Both of our styles mix the super casual with super dressy.  I love wearing oversized sweaters with super skinny jeans and designer shoes, I also love wearing dresses with flats and a grandpa-ish cardi.  Alexa has nailed this style.



She has the perfect mix of masculine and feminine, tough and delicate.  I also love that she never overdoes it.  Her hair is always perfectly messy and her make-up is minimal.  If you have ever seen her show, you know Alexa is also a little lowbrow herself, making her my perfect Icon!

P.S. Wouldn’t you poo in public for that bag?!  Love it! (UPDATE: The bag is Luella, and impossible to find)

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