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August 27, 2009

Not going to lie: I am a little intense right now and totally know what Jessie Spano went through.  I haven’t been posting as much as usual because it is finals week for my summer classes.  I just finished my last final a few minutes ago and was rewarded by recieving the top I ordered from (more on that below).  Here is the issue,  back in the day my Psych 101 teacher gave us all a test taking tip, drink coffee when studying to retain more information, drink a beer before the test to relax and open your mind (wow that sounded like I’m on GHB).  The problem is is that I had a presentation that went until late last night so I did not have time to study until this morning.  So I drank about a 1/2 pot of coffee to cram, once I was done cramming it was time to take the test! Now I am super jittery so I end up chugging two beers instead of one (don’t worry I go to school online, I wasn’t driving to this exam!).  I took the test like a genius maniac, or an idiot drunky depending on how you look at it, and totally aced it.  Once I finished it I realized I haven’t eaten anything today and didn’t notice because of all the substances I ingested.  In true Uncle Boy style (we will get to him later) I ravaged the remains of a rotiserie chicken carcus in my fridge while I pondered if I was drunk or on a caffeine high.  Should I drink another beer or a cup of coffee? Queue the music:

“I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so…SCARED!”

Coffee cup

Ok now on to the style portion of the story.  After a rocky start, I finally got my package from 365 Hangers.  I never got an order confirmation email, though I did get a shipping email and a subsequent shipment cancellation after my credit card was charged.  I emailed customer service but never heard back and the little bugger appeared on my porch today.  The happy ending is that I love the top, it was a great price, came GIFT WRAPPED and the shipping was free with free returns.  Now that I know the drill I will likely order from them again.  I am going to the Red Sox game tonight and will get hate crimed if I show up in linen so I will post outfit pics tomorrow, here is a teaser pic…

Shirt Aqua,

Shirt Aqua,

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