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Stepping in S**t and Coming up Valentino

August 31, 2009

I finally got my honeymoon pics put on a CD, two years later.  Being a certified non-genius I thought it would be a good idea to take all our pics on disposables.

When in Rome, find fashion.  It was just my luck that an aresenal of Valentino dresses were on display while we were there. 76460130I use the word arsenal because the security was very military, I swear they hired the KGB for the celebrity dresses room. My husband thought the mauve dress (above center) looked JUST like my wedding dress.  It did not but I humored him.

76460126I was not allowed to take pics of the celeb dresses, but I was able to snap this one in the same area and run like hell.

76460131The dresses were mostly organized by color, some were very Judith Light, while other were simply bonkers, like the the black dress below:76460132Don’t forget that I wore nothing but akwardly long shorts on this trip so imagine the juxtaposition of me next to these gowns; I was straight up Kfed on the golf course.

76460133I also edited these as much as I could to improve the quality but we of course bought the cheapest CVS brand disposable we could get our grubby little hands on. 76460137This last pic is very “praise the fashion lord” which was likely the look they were going for.

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