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An Introduction to my Neurosis

September 3, 2009

This is a little P.S. to my previous stress/dress post.  As I have mentioned my husband is very supportive of my crazies.  I do a pretty good job of staying on budget and the ModCloth dress was within my budget.  Despite this I felt the need to pull some Mission Impossible moves when I picked him up from work and realized the box was sitting on the front porch.  I run up ahead and kicked the box under the bench on our porch.  Once we got into the house I snuck out the front door while he was in the back yard with the dog and put the box next to my side door.  When he came back in I ran to the side door (our apartment is horseshoe shaped) when he was on the other side, snuck it into the nursery and hid it under the crib.

"SSHHHH...."  P.S. Love this sweater got it at Target and live in it.

"SSHHHH...." P.S. Love this sweater got it at Target and live in it.

After dinner, he zoned out on the couch and I snuck into the nursery trying to open the box without making any noise, the dress was also wrapped in tissue paper so this was a tedious task.  I get it out and put it on.  I proceeded to walk out to the living room, stood in front of Doug and said, “Do you like this dress?  I got it today.”

Yup, I am the kind of crazy they write about, or you watch in Snapped marathons on Oxygen.

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