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It’s All Coming Together

September 3, 2009

Alright turds! Let’s get serious here.  The Mr. suggested it is time for me to have a real budget, I cosign that.   I now have this bad larry:jade savings grabIt’s a simple excel spread sheet that is tracking all my spending.  The only problem is is that I am spending money because I like to fill in the chart.  As you can see I did a little “on list” shopping today! I will post to that tomorrow. If anyone wants a copy of this spreadsheet to help themselves with their budget please just leave a comment and I will email it to you.  This is officially Low Brow’s 1st giveaway, what no good?

Ok, ok I won’t leave you without a teaser.  I found a clothing item as mythical as a Cinnamon.  Yes I dreamed it, but my subconscious never lies.

Cinnamon= .66 Kitten+.33 Bunny+.34 Squirrel

Cinnamon= .66 Kitten+.33 Bunny+.34 Squirrel

Hey I took a lot of Bio classes in college, you won’t be laughing when I am the next Elmer Gaden making it rain with the millions I make off my Cinnamon patent.  You may want to fact check this post.

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