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Denim Line that Deserves More Credit: Dittos

September 8, 2009

Dittos, a huge Brand in the 70’s  relaunched in ’07 and they are perfect.  Somehow they have a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants quality and fit me regardless of my size.  I do not like jeans with stretch, and actually, they don’t, they just kind of form to your body.  I have two pairs.  I bought them when I was in the best shape of my life and they fit like a glove, I some how managed to wear them through MONTHS of my pregnancy and I was not one of those “swallowed a honeydew” pregos, trust.  The styles range from Low-Rise Skinny Ankle Zips to High Waisted Flares.  They are also reasonably priced for a designer label around $160, but you can get them on in the $8o range.

I actually have this exact outfit (minus that hat, but will be purchasing a very similar version at H&M within moments), so instead of posting what looks like my “Before” pic for P90X, I’ll post this lovely young doe.

I own the above pair in a light wash as well as the “Suzie.” I felt the need to post about them because every time I play dress up and slip into a pair the hubby perks up and asks, “I LOVE those, why don’t you wear them more?” to which I reply, “Shut-up.”  I am kind of a seaward.

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