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What the what?! Glitter Gucci

September 8, 2009

This website is essentially the love-child of this bag + my bag of crazy.  My bestie is always asking me advice, like I know d*ck.  Jokes on her.  Not to throw her under the bus but she was the fool that bought Von Dutch Jeans with me (sorry, I love you!), though at least she bought hers for a very cute bathing suit, not the 2 pairs I bought for a Saves the Whales tee (original price $5).  But I digress.

I got a panic text from her one Friday night because she decided to pull the trigger on buying the bag she always wanted: the Gucci Boston Bag.  Jacquard or lacquered!?  I told her absolutely lacquered. The jacquard looks jacked up in one drinking night flat. To our shock and awe it was glittery! CIMG9010LOVE. Ok say what you will, I love glitter.  I am about to open up right now; I secretly collect Swarovski Crystal animals. Yes, it’s true.  That is how much I love sparkles.

The man that lurks around my house and tried to touch my places jokes that she was my only reader, why post on here when I can just call her.  Was he ever faced when Low Brow blew up like Yo Momma. Burned.CIMG9015Did I mention she is semi-pro in T. Woods Golf 09?

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  1. Bestie permalink
    September 8, 2009 11:37 pm

    Obvi my fav post to date – you have my permission to note that my other gucci is jacquard and 100% j-a-c-ked up. Love you! ❤

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