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Consignment Check! $$

September 13, 2009

I hope you all appricate me taking time out of watching a Real Chance at Love marathon and yelling at the TV “Chelsea Lately is not a person, it’s Chelsea Handler!” Respect.

I picked up my check from the 1st month for the cloths that I consigned at the Dress Code a.k.a. where my cloths go to die.  You will get a check for 2 months and then they donate your remaining cloths. Every outfit in the window had an article of my clothing incorporated, if not just entirely mine.  I kind of wanted to ask then to take them down so I could make some cheddar, cha-ching!  Once I got inside there were more mannequins inside looking better in my cloths than I ever did (hence the consigning).  There was one dress in the window that I really wanted to ask for it back, it was too small around the rib cage for me.  When I walked up to it  I saw they could not even button it around the mannequin, so it was a sign from God that I caught hysterical shopping when I originally purchased this bad momma.

The long and short of it was that my first check was for $73.  I had mixed feelings about it.  One the one side, it was more money that I would have if those cloths were sitting in my closet unworn or if I had just donated them but I did spend a lot more on them than I got back.  A lot of my favorite cloths were still in the store or in displays so hopefully they will get sold.

This is kind of a cautionary tale to me about compulsive shopping.  I maybe made back 5% of what I sent on the cloths sold.  I just paid off a ton of credit card debt from my shopping habits and I now have literally nothing to show for it.


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