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PRESENTS!/the cutest store ever.

September 15, 2009

Ok ladies you know the drill.  You go on a trip, you get one present (I would say boys listen up but I suspect they are not my key demographic).  On our Kennebunkport trip my sister and I both got ours at the same shop: Minka.  The jewelry is made of semi-precious stones and natural materials-i.e. wood, pearls and sterling silver.  Minka is tucked away by the Ben & Jerry’s in Kennebunkport, ME.  If it weren’t for Doug claiming he “just wanted to look” at B&J’s (that sounds kind of dirty) I maybe wouldn’t have stumbled across this gem.

look how cute! I LOVE when stuff comes wrapped!

look how cute! I LOVE when stuff comes wrapped!

Her designs are amazing they are intensely colorful and range from Mod to Modern.  Not only does the owner, Michelle, make and design about 99% of all of the jewelry in the shop she makes plantings and an all natural beauty line that are also sold in the shop.  I wish I had that kind of motivation.  The only thing I even did was win an award for World’s Best Quitter.

Pictures don't do it justice. Minka Sardonyx Ring $40

Pictures don't do it justice. Minka Sardonyx Ring $40

This carved stone ring feel amazing against your skin, I am pretty tightly wound and felt like it instantly soothed me when I put it on.  The polished, faceted ring is so pretty and the natural patern of the stone is facinating; it is rare to sharp angles like this in nature.


I know what your thinking, I am not really a hand model.

The items are all super affordable.  I almost walked out with these stunners:

image via  Earrings $75

image via Earrings $75

But there was so much to choose from I just couldn’t decide and I wanted to stay on budget so I was good and refrained.  I kind of regret it but I will be back for more!

My sister bought a pair very similar to the one’s below and I could not stop staring at them.

image via

image via

If you are in town, check out the shop, the owner is super sweet, friendly and fashionable. If you can’t get into the shop her site is and blog

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