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TMI Alert (Warning: Lowbrow Content)

September 17, 2009

Welcome to your 1st meeting of P.A. Hi my name is Jade and I’m a nervous pooer.  Let’s just put it all out there.  I work from home and hate going into meetings because I have bathroom anxiety.  They gross me out and I always need to know where the closest bathrooms are even though I do not intend to use them. To help with this issue I got Rescue Remedy tablets to calm me down and they did.  I felt pretty relaxed until about halfway through my meeting when I started to get an upset stomache, I went to go reach for another Rescue Remedy when a co-worker asked what was in them, I scanned the back and my eye’s landed on this “WARNING: Excessive comsumption may induce mildly laxative effect.” Sh*t, literally.  So now I just start sweating and panicking.  The funny thing about my anxiety is once the meeting is adjourned it goes away, so I was fine.  Until…I was driving home and saw an unthinkable act: someone threw an ENTIRE box of chicken nuggets out their car window! Nugget Abuse!!

After this horrifying day I had I needed some retail therapy.  I had driven about an hour each way for this meeting so I was not in the mood to drive 20 minutes back to the mall so I ordered a dress I have been lusting after online.

The Parker Dress

The Parker Dress

I still had a $50 credit from returning the cream dress I blogged about previously so this only took an addition $20 out of my budget.  I think I am replacing this “White/Cream Ruffle Shift” with this dress on “The List.”  I do not have it yet but I feel the more fitted shape will be much more flattering on my body.  This is also a great transitional piece, I can wear this for the remaining hot days of summer or to a Christmas party this winter.

How I will Wear it:

Night Out: Leather jacket, leggings, booties or heels, my new ring from Minka (below), sequin baret and a clutch

To Work: Black tights, flats or loafers, my new J Crew jacket (below)

For Funsies: Belted, bare legged with oxfords, rose button earrings and a crossbody bag.

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