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Trip to the Market

September 19, 2009

We were hoping to leave here about two hours earlier than we did.  That is what happens when you have a narcissistic baby, I cannot get that kid out of the mirror.  Desipite getting there late we had a great time at the South End Open Market/Studios today.

South End Open Market

South End Open Market

I have got to say I was pretty surprised with myself.  I bought nothing, trust me there was plenty to buy.  The handmade baby cloths and toys, headbands, beaded jewelry, hand sculpted silver, pop art, graphic tees, a MINT vintage Gucci, I could have walked out of there with something from every booth.  Since I gave myself a budget I knew I could only choose one thing and I just couldn’t.  We also wanted to go check out some of the studios as well, so I figured we would stop back for one more walk threw before we headed back home, we ended up getting lunch and walking past our old Brownstone, that we paid $300 a month to live in..ahh community development…

Lauren Merkin "Dylan Bag," Lia Sophia Bracelet

Lauren Merkin "Dylan Bag," Lia Sophia Bracelet

The weather was cool, so I layered up.  I wanted to be super comfortable because I would be treking around the city.  I needed to bust out my Lauren Merkin Bag, which is pretty small when you consider all the baby stuff I have to carry these days.  I managed, the bottle and a diaper fit–good enough for me!

Blowfish Boots

Blowfish Boots, Forever21 Leggings

When we were on our honeymoon the Italian women lived in little ankle boots like these.  I bought this pair at Jasmin Sola (R.I.P. my dear friend) the day after I got back.  They look better the more beat up they get, I love that in anything leather.

Oh in case you were wondering what we did for lunch, we hit up our favorite old haunt that we used to eat dinner at 5+ nights a week when we lived in the South End: Morse Fish Company on Washington. BEST fish sandwich you will ever have and $0.75 fish cakes?  How can that be a bad idea.  You eat in the rough and the staff, which has been the same since we moved in over 5 years ago, is to fun and pleasant.

The Spread at Morse Fish Co.

Yeah the Diet Coke will balance it out...



"Me wantz cheezburger"

"Me wantz cheezburger"

Overall great day, great time.  Now I have $50 in my budget I didn’t spend.  This is kind of crazy,  I smell shoes in my future…


Sweater: Target

Jumper: Love YaYa

Leggings: Forever21

Bag:Lauren Merkin “Dylan”

Boots: Blowfish

Necklace: Vintage

Bracelet: Lia Sophia

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