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My Sophie’s Choice

September 21, 2009

I hear that thrown round a lot though I do not really know what it means.  I am assuming that it means you want 2 pairs of shoes but can only choose 1.

I think I found the oxfords I want, thanks to Lucky Mag’s Fashion Week Coverage via the Shopbop Blog.

image via

image via

When reading the description of these girls’ outfits, they are very affordable.  The brands cited are Amercian Apparel, Forever21 and one I had not heard of Navid O Nadia.  Since the rest of their outfits seemed reasonable I googled it and found the adorable little oxford the girl on the left is wearing run for about $56.

Navid O Nadia "Hatch" image via

Navid O Nadia "Hatch" image via

Here is wear the tough choice comes in.  These wedges appeared in my Shop It To Me a couple of days ago and I think they would be PERFECT for fall, at about the same price as the oxfords.

The wedges would dress up a dressed down outfit more than the flats, but are they practical for a new mom lugging around a car seat?  They are also a little sexier and feminine, but let’s be serious the last time I tried to be sexy a girl almost lost an eye: true story. The flats are on The List and I really like them but would I be better off stepping it up with the wedges?

What do you think?

Which Should I Choose?

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