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Dear Fashion World,

September 22, 2009

We are on to you.  Let’s all just admit that “vegan leather” is pleather.  At least pleather is honest with me.  I can get this entire pleather outfit for only $22!

image via

Oh yes, yes, yes.  Charging me over $200 for “vegan leather” shoes and bags, only about the 1/8 of the size as the vision of godliness above? oh, no, no, no. What does vinyl have to say about all this?  Wasn’t vinyl hurt when people started calling her pleather in the first place, now she has to pretend to be all eco-friendly?! Aren’t plastics supposed to be the satan force that is killing bunnies and baby polar bears around the world in the first place?

Let’s rethink this fashion world and call a spade a spade. Now let’s end this rant with an ode to pleather so our thoughts can go back to rainbows and snatch.

Passionately Yours,


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