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My Fall Shade

October 6, 2009

I personally don’t get a lot of mani/pedi’s.  This is for a couple reasons.  The first is that I always bleed or get a little infection, the second is that I save the money and put it towards more frequent facials.  I get new nails all the time so I feel like my face is a better investment.  That said, I’m not so great at painting my nails.

CIMG9225Look at those mitts! In person I actually have pretty small hands but on film I have Man Hands a.k.a. Northern Hobo Feet.

I am in love with these dark purple/pinks.  They are such a nice pop of color to falls dark and neutral shades and lets face it there is no neon after Labor Day.

CIMG9237I bought this scarf at H&M Saturday and am very inspired by the colors; I have been living in it.  It even got Gay approved (my target audience) at the grocery store yesterday!

Back on topic.  The brand is Milani and the color is Cool Vibe (I know, I know).  The bottle was $4.99 and will last me through the season, I will sacrifice perfect nails for the savings.  Funny story.  My camera is now covered in “Cool Vibe” because I was home alone and started this professional photo shoot with wet nails and insisted on taking the pictures of my RIGHT hand so I am awkwardly trying to hold the camera and take the picture.  Because I could not get a good grip I kept covering the flash and lense with my left hand.  It took me a good 19 photos before I realized I was a righty.


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