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Ceasing the Day

October 8, 2009

I am on a new “ceasing the day” kick.  It wasn’t going well.  It started with a total Debbie downer moment we expirenced last week (I won’t bum you out).  My Husband seems to think that I do not understand the phrase and apparently doesn’t think buying a Roomba or blowing my diet on a chinese food buffet is ceasing the day.

But you know what is apparently?! Buying a new purse!!!  I NEVER buy purses.  I only have like 5 total.  They take a lot of room to store and I am pretty picky.  I have had my eye on the C.C. Skye Lucy Bag for a while.  I told myself I could buy one high priced bag a year; a one time occurence in ’07 that I never followed up on.  Today in my Gilt Fuse Account this cutie showed up at an AMAZING price in the color I have had my eye on! Hootie hoo! medI almost ordered it and then figured it out, but instead I decided to be responsible and call Doug at work and have him talk me out of it.  Crazy thing was that his response was, “this is the last time you get to say ‘cease the day’….ever.”  He picks his battles.  It is similar to the “getting new bubbies after breastfeeding” argument.  It is an investment in his sanity to not hear about my low hangers for the rest of his life.

She will be in my home next Thursday and in my heart forever.  I will post picks and reviews next week.

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