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I Will Always be a Winner in Your Heart

October 8, 2009

I was reading one of my fav fashion blogs, when I decided to enter the Secretary Photo Contest.  Why?  Who knows, but I also just got a cute LBD and secretary desk so it seems like it was fate.

Below are the acessories I used to put the look together. Lies, I didn’t end up wearing the glasses because of glare.

It takes an army!
It takes an army!

Love these shoes.  They are Fornarina, Pre-Lohan Era (bleck).  I bought them in the Rome flagship store on our honeymoon.  I have a neurosis (yes another one) about keeping my shoes in their boxes.  My hubby told me I could not travel home with the box, I went through the 5 stages of grief and landed on acceptance.  When we got home he surprised me by sneaking it in his luggage when he realized he had a little extra room.  Now that’s love.CIMG9260

CIMG9252Be prepared for a gratuidous close-up.  It was hard to photograph all the details in long shot so I had to self-portrait this mama jama. CIMG9266I love the buttons on this sweater.  Strike that.  I love this sweater. The downside is until I am done nursing Harper the Hipster my sweater puppies prevent me from buttoning it.  The stripes give me a McQueen vibe, though it is in fact Forever21.

CIMG9248And finally the final product.  This is the one and only full length pic.  My husband has like 3% toterance in taking pictures of me and he had about a 5 minute break before he has to drive an hour to night school.  He also let me buy a purse today so I let him off the hook.

CIMG9264Jessica, the blogger at What I Wore will pick her favorites to be voted on by her readers.  Let’s hope I make it that far but if not I am pretty happy with this post so it’s a win-win!

My Outfit:

Sweater: Forever21

Dress: Zara

Tights: Target (?)

Shoes: Fornarina

Earrings: Express

Necklace: Claire’s (for my Senior Prom!)

Flower Pin: Broken Hair Pin from J Crew

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