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I Just Blue Myself

October 19, 2009

If you are not an Arrested Development fan, I apologize if this header is extremely offensive.  I was trying to style myself to review my new bag and realized I an rocking a LOT of royal blue these days.

CIMG9287I have to say, I am digging it.  I think blue is such a nice pop of color, I wear a lot of black and gray and really need statements like these to amp up my wardrobe.

CIMG9288Ok here is the bag alone.  It is bigger than I expected and has some imperfections.  I am sure that is why the bag was 75% off.  I still would have bought the bag but definantly think that that should have been disclosed in the purchase since it was final sale.  The most noticable problem is that the inner lining was never sewn shut.  It wasn’t ripped and there were no exisisting stitch marks, just a fabrication problem.


CIMG9285All that being said I do love the bag.  The leather is amazing and the screw-head details are so cute.  All the details are 18k Gold plated and super shiny: LOVE IT!

I decided to style myself in this 60’s style dress I have had for quite some time but rarely wear.  I really like this outfit…I smell date night!  The only accessory in this outfit is the bag.  There is so much going on here adding jewelry would have made this is defo don’t. I do have to apologize for the gratuitous boobies, you guy will have to put up with them for a couple more months.

CIMG9297CIMG9296CIMG9291CIMG9292CIMG9294I do feel a little overwhelmed by the the girth of the handles as well.  They do not seem to look weird, they just feel bulky and need to be broken in.

Bag: CC Skye Lucy Bag via Guilt Fuse

Dress: Curtsy via

Plum Tights: Jessica Simpson via Marshalls

Shoes: Charles David

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