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Sneak Peek!

October 26, 2009

It is almost all done!  I just have to finish up the “Fins” which are really elf booties from this blog and the top of the tail, which I am designing as I go.  The hair is the “Hallowig” from scaled down to baby size.  I designed the flower myself (I have made enough to figure it out) and the crab is based on the Phat Pacific Crab Pattern on Ravelry.  I added claws, a bow and some extra increases and decreases to make the carb bigger, I also knit it on smaller needles to make the stitching tighter. I then made it a wrist rattle by knitting a ribbed strip and attaching a snap.

Harper HalloweenI glittered up the bikini top, added felt to the back to hold it all together and plan on adding snaps to keep it on her without untying.  She will have a diamond betty button and the top of the tail is going to be ribbed with and i-cord tie going though it for extra security.  I am adding the Starfish and Sea Horse buttons to the end of the ties.

Finish product Saturday!

Don’t even ask what we are going to be.  Maybe two very tired parents?

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