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What I Should be Wearing Today

October 30, 2009

In actuality I am sitting on my couch next to a pile of clean laundry trying to finish Harper’s costume in what can only be described as Britney Spears on a good day, i.e. Target sweats and a stained hoodie with yesterday’s makeup and hair that is inexplicable.

Since I do spend a lot of days in this state I should probably invest in some cuter lounge cloths. Here is what I should be wearing today:

I would start with a basic cozy long sleeved tee (much like the black tee I got from Marshall’s for my Halloween costume for $5.99) and throw this genius jersey/sweat shirt wrap from Lirola, just as cozy as a sweatshirt, night shirt or robe but could we worn anywhere from a coffee run to a wedding.

il_430xN.98225049Oh do I love me some fancy leggings.  They are super cozy and my legs are the skinniest part of my body, so I can cover up baby lumps with the top and show off what my mama gave me (actually it is a paternal trait but that’s not as fun).  I love these Juicy Velour Leggings,  I think the chains are adorable, but probably not very practical for washing, but who cares this is a fictional outfit anyway! juicy2172012867_p1_v1_m56577569831815628_254x500A chic easy pair of slip on sneakers is a must,  things go down pretty fast here.  Did the dog run away? What time is it!? Did I leave the baby in the car? WHERE”S MY COFFEE!!! And who does casual sneakers better that Converse.  These hot pink slip on’s from add a little fun to this outfit and can dress down a pair of black slacks, trust me.  I have compared notes with friends and fam that wear their Chuck Taylor’s to the office,  all agreed they were probably their most complimented shoe.  Fun and unexpected.


Ok hair and face, we need to have a talk.  What you have going on isn’t working.  I only blame myself.     I swear this is all it takes.  You may recognize some of these products from previous posts.  I kind of stick with what works.  I don’t wear much make-up day to day, the baby is not impressed.  I was using Aveda Energizing Oil (about $40 a bottle) I recently switched to Bio-Oil, about $10.  This takes me less than 5 minutes to look and feel refreshed.

CIMG9355Finally, I am nutty over cute hair ties.  I can’t tell you how many people I make gag with the hair covered tattered elastic bands I wear on my wrists constantly.  Let’s jsut say you probably don’t want me reach in your guacamole.  I bought a couple sets of these sweet braided hair ties that double as a cute bracelet from H&M they are 2 for $3 and though they do get streched out I jsut throw them in with the laundry and they go back to size.


Throw on a pair of stud earrings and I would be ready to go just about anywhere, as long as it was day and I had the baby with me; people pity sad baby ladies.

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