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Ladies in Leggings…well almost

November 7, 2009

Gert wasn’t in leggings, but she doesn’t have to be (she has no legs).  I ditched the baby for the day and only cried once.  That turd gets me every time.  I met up with the world’s best beauty blogger, Amber and had a lovely fall foliage day of drinking, skipping, pointing and laughing.

CIMG9434Here is Amber with her new Gert.  Amber had a Gert (a tiny nesting doll) that would accompany us on many occasions including trips to Miami and out to the local pubs.  Well Gert got a little too adventurous, and maybe a little whorey, and she was never to be seen again.  Well Gert is back Bitches!  Much like Dora the Explorer and her skanky new make over Gert is new and improved and has a better appreciation for life.

CIMG9423Salem has the world’s best foliage and can get anyone in the halloween/holiday spirit.

Clearly we are not the best at staging pictures.  I was SO excited when I found my jean jacket in a packed away.  I had to rock it 2004 style with a mini jersey dress and leggings.  Whatever, let it go.  My new fav scarf made a huge difference in updating an outfit I have been rocking quite some time.

CIMG9435Wait for it…….

CIMG9436And who doesn’t love a good Giant Pumpkin?  I think this is the actual pumpkin Charlie Brown was hard up for.


I don’t care how old you are, kicking leaves never get’s old.  I love my flat Steve Madden boots, they are perfect for fall and hobo kicking.

CIMG9438Is this mug tiny or do I have a major case of man hands?


So these aren’t the greatest fashion shots but Doug’s isn’t the great photog.  Well Gert had the time of her life.  I got her for Amber as a surprise when Gert O.G. disappeared.  I got her as a custom order from Asher Jasper.  She is a perfect rendition.

Gert Goes Wild:

CIMG9422CIMG9442CIMG9432CIMG9427On Me:

Tunic: Velvet

Leggings: Forever 21

Boots: Steve Madden

Jean Jacket: Old Navy

Sunglasses & Scarf: H&M

Bag: Target

Ring: Minka

Earrings: Village Silversmith

Gert: Asher Jasper

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