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Keeping it Casual

November 9, 2009

Here is my version of casual. Basically I slept in the yoga pants and haven’t taken off my jean jacket since I found it in a moving box.  a couple touches of leopard and BLAMO! You’ve got yourself an acceptable outfit to leave that house in.  That is what a fashion blog is supposed to be all about right?  Leaving the house in acceptable clothing?

CIMG9450CIMG9451CIMG9455CIMG9459I know totally inspiring right?  Well I love this top, I picked it up yesterday and have like a millions ways I want to wear it (more on that to come).  In pics this top admittedly has a moo-moo/house coat quality to it but in person on this perfect fall day, with the world’s most perfect breeze it is so soft and flowy.  The great weather also explains why I am wearing sandals mid-November.


Jacket: Old Navy circa 2004

Top: Marshall’s

Yoga Pants: Marshall’s

Sandals and Bag: Target

Sunglasses: H&M

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