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Going Overboard?

November 10, 2009

We have established I have an Etsy obsession, now let’s move past it.  I have been super good on the budget this month, partly because I got an unexpected check from the consignment store (Cha-ching!), partly because I got a case of the icky sickies.

I decided to browse my Favorites and I kept landing on this out of control Octopus Knuckleduster.  Well I ended up browsing the shop and getting a little carried away.  Actually strike that.  Impossible.  UK Designer Cup of Sea is so insanely reasonably priced the concept of getting carried away is a non-issue.

il_430xN.101246832il_430xN.95812123il_430xN.93337014il_430xN.96615161il_430xN.96429396Yes I ended up with four (actually five pieces if you count the two piece ring).  All for the amazing TOTAL of $35, which is extra shocking considering what the U.S. dollar is worth.  You can also check out her cheeky blog for test products, announcements and custom pieces.

The items are unique and it boggles my mind they are handmade, but if you have met my mind you know that is not a difficult task. You will surely be seeing these products all over Lowbrow in the future.  I can’t wait!

Now I will break it down!

Octopus Knuckleduster : $12

Lightning and Clouds Acrylic Rings: $8

Leafy Choker Necklace: $8

Neon Love Earrings: $3.50 (!)

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