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I may be in trouble….

November 17, 2009

I really like this dress, like, like-like.  Now could I have gotten something similar from American Apparel for 1/2 the price?  Maybe but I love that this is the real deal vintage 80’s and the measurements are perfect!  It just wouldn’t be the same.

image via

I am obsessing over turquoise and mint green lately, and as always, black.  I could wear this so many ways for so many occasions.

I am currently the top bidder on this dress at Market Publique, the bid is at $88, my max bid is $90 so there is a good chance I will be outbid before the auction is over (11/22).  I would be fine either  way, but this is proof that I need a shopping list!

Other fun news!

I was just approved as a seller on Market Publique as well.  I have a couple vintage items I want to sell because I really don’t wear them and I love hunting through consignment and vintage stores with all intention of wearing everything but now the pressure is off.

Now I am off to take pictures of the Items I have to sell to afford this dress!!

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