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Are we still Mad for Plaid?

November 18, 2009

I gotta say that for me it depends on the context.  Don’t get me wrong I live in flannel button-ups.  I felt a little rebellion against our favorite checkered friend when every fabric in every style, shape and form possible was made in plaid fabric this fall.  I could really live without plaid chiffon halter tops, thanks.

So my house is a mess, what business is it of yours!  I am a little defensive today, I got thrown to the lions at work today.  Back on topic.

I love the idea of a plaid flannel tucked into a textured pencil or tulip skirt,  I typically don’t do bare legs (hence the cropping) but tried this outfit on sans tights with brown suede mocs.  I also love the idea of a demin or chambray button up the same way with some knit, ribbed or textured tight.

I am trying to put together as many holiday appropriate outfits from a casual office party (mine) a fancy one (his) to the dress-circle at the Music Theatre (love me some Scrooge!) and galavanting around NYC (booked our trip last night!!).

Guess I will have to rock  this skirt with both tops! I need the denim button up from American Eagle, if I can squeeze the ladies into it.


Skirt- Arden B. $13

Earrings- Village Silversmith $20

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