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Welcome to the “Trying Too Hard” Club

December 3, 2009

This has been an epidemic as of late.  A whole new slew of AMAZING reality shows have just started up and it got me thinking: this should be a cautionary tale for generations to come.  God bless the interwebs.

Some B from the Jersey Shore: She claims to be the one to invent the “friggin poof.”  I never thought these words would come out of my…fingers?….you don’t have D on Amy Winehouse.  You MAY have a full mouth of teeth (not yet confirmed) but you certainly look like you have an equal amount of self loathing.

Leighton Meester: Girl you are killing me.  I am all for daring fashion but this is not productive for anyone this is very productive for Bloggers like myself.  Thank you. If this was rocked with harem pants or skinny jeans it could work….however…this was for an American Eagle event.  Anything more complex than cable knit ballet flats and a shirt with snaps is too much.

Natalie from Bad Girls Club: My FAVORITE show.  Very sorry to admit that.  Honestly this girl needs to be locked in a room with Tanisha and find out what a Chris Brown beat down is really like.  She is awful, gross and thinks she is Paris Hilton circa 2002, even Paris Hilton thinks thats tacky.

Avril: “The Mother F’in Princess” of trying to hard.  So what if you keep Hot Topics in business?  You are a grown ass woman (too much Bad Girls Club) stop dressing like my four year old niece who said the coolest thing I ever asked her was “which JoBro would you marry?”

Me (circa 2005):  Ok everyone did it!  I know this pic belongs on but I was 21 what do you want from me?  I stopped I swear it.  Of course in stark comparison my gorgeous sister is humoring me while looking sane. And that woman in the background (right) is not impressed.  I wouldn’t be either.  Ahh well, joke was on me when I threw up on my lap 5 mins later.

This list could go on and on.  Who do you think tries too hard?

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