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Getting in the Spirit

December 10, 2009

Non-embarrassing admission: I totally believe in Santa.  I get one Santa wish I year (last year was a job, the year before was Doug’s broken down car starting) and I had to pull the trigger early this year on Doug’s lost wedding band.  So it kind of crushed my Spirit a little bit!  I have also been so busy with work and school wrapping up before we go on vacation (yeah!) I haven’t been able to watch a single movie or decorate my tree.  I get super in the spirit every year, and I will this year, but I jsut needed a little self-inspiration!

Below are some of my better, and worse, christmas cheer get-ups:

How bad do you want that FAO Schartz Jacket, it is so Marching Band meets MJ, so 2009.  Though that also makes me want to exclaim “Over It!”

I am sure you will be seeing a lot more of these to come, things should slow down by Monday and we are traveling around the North East over the next couple of weeks to spread and gather holiday cheer!

(P.S. Please excuse the in-excusable winter tan in the last pic, I had eczema and that was the only thing that helped, but still!)

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