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Baby it’s Cold Outside

December 11, 2009

Holy witches teet.  It is frigid in Boston ladies and gents.  The hubby and I had a lovely little date night, the only problem, we had to lug around that baby with us.  I keed, I keed! Not really because a whimpering baby that you have to shove Cherios in it’s face is not exactly an aphrodisiac, hence why I am watching Jersey Shore and blogging.

I have a major case of Kelly Taylor Hair in that second pic.

Sorry no long shots but I think the baby in the pub was annoying enough for the other patrons.  I did my best tuck job with my leopard/lace print shell (are you sick of it yet?!) into my torn True Religion jeans.  I wore a flattering swing cardi over it and wha-la! Date Night!

Jacket: DKNY

Top: Marshall’s

Cardi: NY and Co

Jeans: True Religion-gift

Flats: Old Navy

Necklace: Lia Sophia

Ring: Cup O’Sea

Drink: Not strong enough

Editorial Note: I love my baby.

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