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“Deck them halls and all that Stuff”

December 14, 2009

when we picked out our amazing, ridiculous dog, Indi the breeder said, “She’s my favorite…she is either REALLY smart or dumb as rocks.”  She just passed her 6th birthday and we have yet to figure it out.  I feel the same way about this poncho.  I am pretty in love with it, but it is kind of heinous, it’s really warm and possibly chic?

I bought it at Forever21 for $8 (marked down from $17, that can’t be a good sign) so I am pretty sure it isn’t a tree skirt.

I was very close to leaving the house today wearing it over skinny jeans, a long sleeve tee and cute flats but I couldn’t pull the trigger.  Should this bad boy stay in the privacy of my own home (and the internets, no one sees that right?) or can he venture out like a warm parrot on an old man’s shoulder, below:

Poncho: Forver21 $8

Yoga Pants and Tee: Mashall’s $13; $6

Slippers: Old Navy-gift

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