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NYC Day 2: Brrrrr!!

December 19, 2009

It’s Cold!  You heard of a fat man in a little coat, I am a skinny girl in a fat coat and you better believe I am not going back to flimsy little peacoats, you think NYC is bad try New England.  I was not a fashionista today, it was too chilly! Despite the blistering cold we managed to get most of our holiday shopping done today.  I was cold and exhausted but we still had a blast.  The best part so far: American Girl Place.  I don’t care who you are you will get absolutely hysterical in this place.  This is not a joke or a musing: my husband almost walked out with a Bitty Baby.

I was disappointed that Kate Spade was sold out of EVERYTHING I was planning on getting there, gifts and for myself.  I also heard one of the shop girl drop a name like an atomic bomb, story below.  I also got a serious hot flash in Tiffany and had to leave, I think Doug slipped something into my water.  We still did very well despite that.  Don’t turd over the Gucci bag, it is a children’s book “Snowman in Africa” for the baby.  She loved the display in the window and believe me the women waiting on us was thrilled at the $25 we spent there.

Ok the Kate Spade story:

The story goes like this, a cute, thin young girl was looking for a dress for a winter wedding she was attending.  When the girl was debating between the dress she had on and the dress she apparently tried on earlier.  The shop girl really said this, “Well one of my friends was in earlier and I was telling her to shorten this dress, oh you must know who Kristen Chenoweth is right, yeah so she was in earlier and I was telling her to shorten it, you are so thin just like her…..” it went on.  Your friend?!  Ok so I believe she may have been in there, but your friend?  Is she coming to your christmas party?  You are going to Happy Hour later and hitting up her nephew’s bris on Saturday?  I am trying not to be a Seaward but come on.

Coat: seen it!  DKNY

Jeans: Rock & Republic

Boots: Blowfish

Hat: Jasmin Sola?

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