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NYC Day 3: A Walk in the Park

December 19, 2009

So the baby is not so into sleeping in a hotel room, too bad that is my favorite thing.  I woke up ready to just go home and catch up on sleep but the hubby insisted on going to Central Park.  After chugging my Skinny Vanilla Latte I was ready to go and was I glad I did because it was easily the most enjoyable part of the trip.  The wind had died down so I threw on a dress.

Yes I had to use the Central Park Bathroom.  It was actually very clean but unbelievably cold.  The windows were open!  I love the combo of red and purple so I put together this outfit really just to go with my new vintage scarf.  I already had the tights and I have a belt that I would wear over this but I wanted to be comfortable because the this is what I was wearing for the trip home, in which I learned no matter how bad I have to pee and how bad the traffic is I cannot physically go in a bottle.

I finally got my oxfords!  I love them.  I kept saying how much I loved them the entire day.  I bought the Navid O Nadia Hatch that I have had my eye on for a while, in the shoe store right below my hotel! Fate.  They are so much cuter in person if you can believe that.  I bought the dress at Old Navy for $15 specifically to go with the scarf, $3. $18 for a year-round outfit?  I’m not mad at it, HEEEEEY!  I also am such a leggings go-to girl that I need to accept that tights are just leggings with feet.  I was very comfortable and surprising warm in this outfit.

Dress: Old Navy

Scarf: Vintage

Coat: DKNY

Tights: Jessica Simpson via Marshall’s

Oxfords: Navid O Nadia Hatch

Shades: Ray Ban

Bag: Target

Baby Bear Suit: Old Navy, hand-me-down

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