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“Touch My Robe!”

December 23, 2009

Finally, all dressed up with somewhere to go!  We went to go see “A Christmas Carol” at The Rep in Portsmouth, NH.  We try to see the show every year, this year it was moved from our local theatre to The Rep, I love the story but I really just go to giggle like a school girl every time the Ghost of Christmas Present says “touch my robe!” and the challenge of chugging a 6-8 oz glass of Pinot during the intermission. Oh my god is Portsmouth the cutest little town!  The show was great on the smaller stage, it was insanely intimate.  I lost it when Scrooge (as played by David Coffee) rubbed up against me.  I have a really distorted view of celebrity.

We had a great time and went out for a romantic dinner of Happy Meals on the way home.  I fully intended on wearing this outfit sans socks and with heels.  Surprisingly the hubby begged me to wear it this way and it works.  I feel it is an homage to Britney Murphy 😦via Clueless, the movie that got me interested in style. It was great the dress had pleates on the bust to accomodate my expanding ta-ta’s.

For your viewing pleasure here is me in my robe! (in which I will not being inviting anyone to touch)

God Bless Us, Everyone!

Dress: ModCloth Parker Dress

Tights: Spanx

Sock: Target

Shoes: Navid O Nadia Hatch in Grey

Purse and Earrings: Aldo

Bangle: Vintage

Robe: Restoration Hardware

Crutch: Property of Tiny Tim, who did NOT die!

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