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Trying Something New: Being Myself

December 27, 2009

Don’t you already feel inspired by my deep wisdom?  Almost as inspired as you do reading the status updates from the girl you went to high school with who you never talked to then, who apparently has had to let something go and it if were truly meant to be they will come back….

Any-who.  I have broken one of my new cardinal rules.  Buying cloths that I haven’t worn, a lot are dresses.  Don’t get me wrong I love dresses but honestly it is not my day-to-day wear, I don’t throw on a dress to go for a walk or to work from home.  I want a pants party!  I was reading my new Harper’s Bazaar courtesy of my lovely friends over at the Shop It To Me Blog. And felt very inspired by the styles. Here are a few images below:

Lucite and Wedges and Rompers, Oh My!

I love black and military inspired pieces, not to mention how much I am craving wedges.  I do want a couple colorful, longer day-to-night skirts but I would love to make finding “jean alternatives” my fashion goal, I started with my new jumpsuit.  I am obsessed with the picture of the Blonde with the black striped tee, add that to my list! I am also noticing a lot of fashion mags are featuring models with strawberry blonde hair….I think I my go their and sport the sexy-messy looks featured above.

The moral of the story is is I have been having a style crisis trying to dress my “new body”  post-baby.  I have been seeking inspiration from a lot of places like mags, shops and blogs, but I feel I have subconsciously lost my personal style a bit in the process.  Let’s see where this goes, either my living in sweats or getting in touch with my true fashionista.

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