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December 30, 2009

I promised new photos, well here you are.  Not really what you were expecting huh?  The good news?  I now know my worst angle.  I have been fighting a cold and loosing because Harper’s teeth have been fighting her gums, turns out they are victors of that battle.  No I am not sick from eating raw cookie dough, that’s just what they want you to think.

Other good news?  I got a perfect new watch for Christmas!

I wanted a big men’s wear watch with a little funk.  I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money (under $100) and I was pretty sure I wanted digital.  After cruising for the “perfect” watch I fell in love with the Adidas “Candy Collection” Digital Watch one fateful day at Nordstrom, or as us Boston folk like to call it “Nordstrums.”

I can wear it to work, with active wear or toughen up a frilly dressy outfit.  I love a men’s watch with a dress, such a perfect contrast.  Speaking of contrast I adore the black face with the gold numbers/letters.  It also has a ton of functions, none of which I will ever understand.  As you can see by our puffy faces and red-rimmed eyes it’s past our bed time, though I will not quit this day until I finish eating my mexican take-out in bed (an ancient cold remedy) and catching up on my Hulu. Nighty night!

Tee: J.Crew- Christmas Gift from the Hubby

Watch: Adidas-Christmas present from my Bro

Bedding: Target

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