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Howling at the Moon

January 1, 2010

As of today I am over my sickies!  How did I celebrate?  By finishing off 3 bottles of Cook’s with my Mother-in-law.  As you can see we got a bit of snow here and I’ve got a bit of a rack these days.  I got lost on the way home and this was the result of my husband trying to rangle me, me wanting to take pics and in the process ruining my new suede glitter heels because they apparently want to walk in the snow.

Side Note #1:  No that is not actually the moon.  It is an “Orb” that has been haunting my camera since we stayed at the Chelsea Hotel.

Side Note #2: (I am listing again) I read a few other blogs and visit Weardrobe regularly.  regardless of size and body type all the girls pose like they are GD supermodels.  I can’t take myself seriously!  In the pics I thought I was giving my best “blue steel” I am clearly smirking.  Ah well, I resolved to just be me right 🙂

Sweater: Target $7 on Clearance

Top: Gap $14 on Sale

Skirt: Delia*s $20

Tights: Target $8?

Boots: Marshall’s $12

Heels: Seychelles via Marshall’s $29

Watch: Adidas- Gift

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