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A Don’t?

January 6, 2010

I am really pushing this poncho.  Now keep in mind I had no make-up on, was wearing this outfit all day in travel and didn’t have the time or energy to really get a great shot.  I was with family yesterday and my Nana said I looked like I was going on a safari in the 70’s (a compliment) and one of my Aunt’s asked it if was a Snuggie, as far as I am concerned that’s money in the bank.

On top of all that this entire outfit, accessories and all, cost $40…and it shows? I like it! That’s all that matters.  I have one more way I am going to try to rock this bad Larry, and it is a knockoff of an outfit I saw on the Market Publique Blog.  It looks like a winner to me.  Stay tuned!

Poncho: Forever 21 $8

Dress: Old Navy $15 (on clearance on sale)

Belt: Mom’s vintage hand-me-down

Tights: Forever 21 $5

Mocs: $12 Clearance at AE


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