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Last Goodbye

January 19, 2010

I will resume regular blogging tomorrow I swear!  I know I am a total buzz kill but I felt I just had to share a photo of (some, not nearly all!) the beautiful, stylish women in my family.

Yes I drank all of those Bud Heavies myself.  I kid. I drank all of those glasses of wine myself.  Here we all are at the after party of my Grandmother’s funeral.  It was such a beautiful day with great stories and an amazing slide show of 542 pictures chronicling her entire life.   I didn’t want to leave the after party because it felt so final, but I sit here typing looking up at the hydrangea I took home today thinking of the great time I have spent with my family over the past couple of weeks, just like she would have wanted.

Can you find me?  I’ll give you a hint, I guess I didn’t know it was a faux-pas to wear white to a funeral.

Necklace: Self Made

Blouse: J.Crew

Skirt: H&M

Family: Product of Nana-Bob

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