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January 25, 2010

Look I dressed myself!  This photo shoot was supposed to go a lot differently.  I had a great couple of outfits planned (which I am still going to shoot this week) but the shirt I was featuring wouldn’t dry and we were loosing light.  We also had plans to meet some friends for early drinks.  This was the result of me getting dressed in under 2 minutes:

Did I have drinks before or after I put this outfit together?  I discovered that as long as you keep the colors neutral you can really mix whatever textures and patterns you want.  I don’t feel this looks too overdone either, of course I am critiquing an outfit I put together so of course I think this post is the most genius piece of media since Thriller.  Ok, the shoes don’t really work but they are closed toe, enough said.

Am I being really bitchy today? Someone has a case of the Mondays!

Sequin Beret: Metro Park (

Round Sunglasses: Mall Kiosk

Wool Coat: Banana Republic

Off Shoulder Tunic: Tea Bags (ha)

Jeans: Black Orchid

Wing-tip Oxford Heels: Fornarina (Pre Lohan Era)

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