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Black and Tan

March 8, 2010

Friday was Doug’s last day at work.  Guess what?  Another party, this time thrown by this co-workers at the local brewery.  When they suggested we have a party next Friday to see how his first week went I just accepted that this is Doug’s month, and please, I am always up for a party.  As you can tell from my very creative title I wore black and tan (sad story, they don’t make a Black and Tan at the brewery), mostly because I found an insane deal on a pair of Kors Michael Kors Booties at Marshall’s.

Though on Zappos a couple of days ago they had the orignial priced marked as $390, down to $180, now they are sold out.  $10.  I was flying high.  Until…..

Michael Kors hates feet and wants them to die.  These shoes hit every terrible pressure point possible on my feet=instant spasm.  They aren’t like blister hurty, they are like charlie house hurty.  I had to take tylenol to drive in them.  Brutal.  I pulled into the bar where I was meeting everyone (less than a mile from my house) and considered turning around and changing.  Instead I started drinking, fast.  So here is the best I can pull together for an outfit post!

You got the whole outfit, just in bits and pieces, which is exactly how my brain felt the next morning.  Yes, that is a red wine spritzer.  I don’t know why.  As far as the shoes go, I think I am going to get then stretched.  They are jut so pretty and shiny, though I considered throwing them in the ocean on the way home.  Turns out they bested me, because they made it back safely.

The List

I wanted winter wedges, but at this point it is so close to spring, I just want wedges.  These are a great substitute for a great winter/spring transition shoe.  Still a bootie (which I envisioned for my wedges) and super cheap, so if wedges are banished next winter I am only out $10.

Top: Marhsall’s

Jeans: Gap

Booties: Marshall’s

Bag: LV

Braided Bracelet: Gap

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  1. Anne permalink
    March 8, 2010 12:06 pm

    Wow! That is an impressive deal! Good find 🙂

  2. jadeylangley permalink*
    March 8, 2010 12:09 pm

    I was impressed! Though they are the devil.

  3. March 8, 2010 12:18 pm

    I love the story of a good deal. Though I don’t love when shoes do that to feet. It’s just not right! At any rate, you are still looking good (I don’t really hold back the feet pain grimace very well – so I’m quite impressed!)!!!

  4. jadeylangley permalink*
    March 8, 2010 12:20 pm

    I used to put up with any kind of pain for fashion, now I am not so tolerant. There is no reason shoes can’t be comfortable, especially if you are one of the suckers that paid almost $400 for these shoes.

  5. March 8, 2010 1:09 pm

    Evil stupid Michael Kors. Yeah, imagine being the moron who paid top dollar for those shoes that chewed up her ankles.

  6. jadeylangley permalink*
    March 8, 2010 1:15 pm

    totally! I would be so mad, I was mad about spending $10, but it will be cheap to stretch them, I guess I will just have to down a bottle of wine before I wear them out next time.

  7. March 8, 2010 10:58 pm

    AMAZING find! I’m so jealous that you got a steal on those booties, but that you can wear heels that high.

  8. jadeylangley permalink*
    March 8, 2010 11:02 pm

    Well I didn’t fair in them as well as I had hoped. I used to take a lot of pain for fashion, but now I am just over it!

  9. March 9, 2010 2:42 am

    Hahahaha omg I seriously laughed out loud and made my husband read this! MK shoes are seriously painful!!! So cute though, so we’ll let it slide =P nice find!

  10. jadeylangley permalink*
    March 9, 2010 11:25 am

    Seriously! Standing in them was honestly more comfortable because that straightened out my foot-claw-spasm situation a little more, but man!

    • March 10, 2010 1:04 am

      Oh no! Definitely get those suckers stretched, hopefully it works!

      My MK shoes have a 5″ heel and zero platform height, which is a b!$%h!

      • jadeylangley permalink*
        March 10, 2010 9:20 am

        That’s good to hear, yes a platform would make a world of a difference, they are also really narrow at the toe but not the sides making for some really weird support. Ahh well, $10!

  11. March 15, 2010 10:35 am

    These shoes are amazing and the price you got them for. What a steal!


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