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St Patty’s Redux

March 18, 2010

Do I appear to be stumbling in there pics?  Maybe, but just a little :).  I didn’t think I owned any green so I thought flannel was a second best, though I found the most amazing green pants that I totally forgot about right before we had to leave the house, totally wrinkled.  Ahh well.  Oh, good news! I had my first green beer last night!

I am really craving that new camera!  I like taking pictures of my going out outfits but mine is not great in low light.  Two more weeks!  Yes, those are the same Modcloth wedges from yesterday.  Plan on seeing them until the end of days because I am not taking them off!

I had two beers last night because I needed to be a fresh little daisy for Harper’s 1st Birthday today!!  I will be putting together a little tribute post later today, and I promise there will be some fashion in there!

Flannel: Marshall’s

Leggings: Forever21

Tee: Alloy

Wedges: Modcloth

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  1. March 18, 2010 10:44 pm

    Such a fun St. Patty’s day outfit! I love those wedges!

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