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When did this Happen? Winter “List” Complete!

March 30, 2010

Wow, I guess I have been a little preoccupied this month, but I suddenly realized Winter is over, Spring has, well, not arrived yet, and I have finished off my Winter shopping list!  I did kind of deviate from the original list a little just because I wasn’t in the mood for the super-wintery once the sun started to shine!

Lets get to it!

Investment Cardis– I ended up getting three cardis at Forever 21 after searching everywhere for just what I was looking for, I stand behind my choices.

Winter Wedges- Winter! I want Spring Wedges!  The ones I found on Modcloth are all season, I also picked up these Kors Booties for $10 to get me through the Winter.  I am not stopping at one! I NEED MORE WEDGES!  Please leave suggestions for your affordable Spring favs in the comments!

Fine Jewelry- I totally forgot I had this great gold butterfly necklace.  I went on a major shopping spree when I went passed my due date, my husband didn’t know what to do with me as the days went on so he just kept bringing me to the mall.  This is just my style, a little whimsy with a little ghetto gold.  I am finishing my B.S. in three weeks, so the hubby said I deserved a present, maybe jewelry? (more on that later!)

Jean Alternatives- I love pants! But I didn’t want to wear jeans everyday because that would not make for a very popular blog or interesting wardrobe.  I did buy a jumpsuit but I haven’t worn it yet.  Yes a lot of these are jeans, but they are fun jeans! Color, patterns, high-rise, oh my!  We also have some fun leggings, jeggings and tights in the mix, which you can expect to see more of in the Spring List.

Black and White Stripes- Something else you will be seeing more of in Spring.  I am stripes obsessed!  I started with this tee that I have styles a number of way and I have my eye on a pretty little striped dress on Fred Flare 🙂 .

A Nice Black Gray Bag- Ok I cheated, it was supposed to be black.  A new purse is on my list for graduation presents so I got this vintage lovely to hold me over.

All Occasion Clothes- unfortunately when I made this list I knew I was going to have a wake, funeral and celebration to go to, but this item gave me a little (a lot) of liberty in getting “off list” when I needed to emotionally shop! I got a lot of great quality items, all of them on sale.

Pyramid Studs!– For $5 for three pairs at Target I couldn’t say no!  I would love a Gold or Sterling pair but these work into my budget right now and they are such a touch of fun.  I also have to go studs with a 1-year-old terror ripping out my jewelry!

Ahhhhh, and that does it!  I will have a new budget and new list on Friday, but I don’t want to just posts lists this week.  I think I may switch it up and keep it in my sidebar that way you guys can call me out when I buy something that isn’t on it!  I cannot tell you how long that post just took! I also have plans for a mini second post today too, but I have blog fatigue, guess I should get back to work…

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  1. March 30, 2010 11:42 pm

    You got some cute pieces! Love the cardis and wedges.

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