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Time to really worry about my skin;  I am in my late 20’s, spend too much time in the sun and sleep on my face.

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May 21, 2010

My beauty expert sister Amber bought me this amazing face cream because “I wouldn’t buy it for myself” and she hounds me about not spending time or money on my skin.  This moisturizing suncare cream has SPF 30, Vitamin A,D & E, is free of all those bad sunscreen chemicals, like paba and whatnots, and is certified organic.

I am actually very picky about what I put on my face, as one should be.  I currently use Aveda energizing oil and aloe face mask, I slip this on right between those two products and it absorbs right away.  I have historically had trouble with creams because of breakout, but I do not foresee that with this product, also, its really cooling and cucumbery.  MMMMM…..

COOLA Face- Retails for around $30 at DermStores or Amazon


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