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Now that I am officially in my late 20’s I need to start taking better care of myself.  I used to be VERY anal about my weight, fitness and health, I rebelled against it after I had Harper, my daughter.  It is time to get back to taking care of my soul, skin, fitness and nutrition, in a healthy happy way.

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June 3, 2010

I realized today that the idea of making a salad at home makes me do this 😦 . Then I realized I pay $18 for shrimp salads pretty much every time I go out to dinner.

It may not look like there is a lot to this salad, but mostly because it is all green: fresh chives, green onions and basil with mixed greens.  I try to avoid salad dressing so I pre salt my tomatoes, cook my shrimp with a bay leaf and a little lemon and parm give it just enough flavor.  Mmm mmm!



June 2, 2010

First I would like to say, “GIRLS! IT IS OK TO EAT A G.D. EGG YOLK!!”  Yep. I’m yelling.  There are very few things I would consider myself a snob about, but eggs is high up on my list.  I am a huge fan of eggs.  They sometimes have a bad rep but here are a few fun facts about why they are amazing:

  • They are the most complete and digestible protein you can eat, i.e. no stored fat, no waste, you use it all!
  • Despite popular belief, eating 1 egg yolk per day can actually lower your cholesterol
  • Those same yolks have lutein and zeaxanthin, fancy words for helping you see better, and preventing cataracts (tip: put an egg yolk is your Dog’s food daily)
  • They contain DHA the amino acid found in breast milk that helps brain develpment
  • They are 1/4 of the ingredients needed for eggs benedict

So that all said, I am a big fan of the egg, I eat 2-3/day and have become kind of picky about my need for farm fresh eggs.  First, regular store eggs (even free range organic) have hard dry shells that are hard to crack (the older the egg gets the dryer the membrane coating the inside of the egg gets), when you break them they get all runny and the yolk is yellow.  Now none of this ever bothered me until one of the hubbies co-workers started giving us eggs from her chickens a couple years ago.  The yolk is bright orange, the white stays in a perfect thick circle and they are super-duper yummy.  The below picture may be kind of biased, but this is how I see it:



May 28, 2009

I always eat well at home, we are kind of annoying (and by we I mean me) about trying to keep the food in the house mostly organic, all natural and grain fed, farm raised blah. blah.  That being said, I counter balance my good carbon footprint with my addiction to fast food burgers.  I realized that over the past two years I have been allowed to “cheat” a lot more and still not gain weight, as one should and MUST while they are pregnant and nursing, but it is a hard mindset to get out of.  I never want to stress about my weight again, but I don’t want it to even cross my mind because my healthy lifestyle should make it a non-issue.

I do lightly follow the Weight Watchers filling foods plan, which is kind a whole foods approach to eating the right foods to satisfy your hunger and that your body will convert to fuel, not fat.  That being said: I will never eat fat free anything, ever.  I hate chemical foods, gums, fillers, yucky, your body can’t process them or break them down (turning them into fat) but they taste like shit anyway.

I have lost almost 4 lbs of my weight gain, once I loose the 9 I think I am gonna toss my scale and take measurements once a month to see wear I am at, after all I am gonna have another baby and homegirl doesn’t need a scale in the house next time she is pregos!


May 24, 2010

I am not a fan of “calories” I actually cringe and make it a point to keep the word “calorie” out of my mind and vocab, but here is a little fun fact worth sharing: Giving blood burns 650 calories.  That’s like a spin class my friends!  You may not be building muscle, but you may be saving a life!


May 19, 2010

Once Harper stopped nursing a couple weeks ago I instantly gained 8 lbs.  When I asked Judy of Fitness 4 Looks what she though she asked a question she knew the answer to: “what do you eat throughout the day?”

Jadey: A bunch of coffee for breakfast, a muffin for lunch, take out for dinner and a margarita for dessert.

Judy: Do you know how much salt your eating and how dehydrated you probably are?

Jadey: Yup.

Judy: Well there’s your answer.

I am usually really good about what I eat, but I have been make EXCUSES (I think whenever I make excuses a scary monster should pop out, just saying) because hubby works crazy long hours these days and Harper doesn’t nap so much.

Here is my new plan:

No fake sugar

Spin 2x/wk

Run 5k 2x/wk

1 Margarita on Thursdays (its our tradition) and don’t eat all the salt!!

Limit weekend drinks to 3

Eat filling whole foods

Limit caffeine to 1 serving/day

Judy also gave me an amazing tip: for every 8oz of caffinated beverage you consume you must drink 12 oz of water.


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  1. May 25, 2010 10:17 pm

    hahaha you are too funny – did you drink water today 🙂 Women’s bodies change so often, as you know now that you are a mom…its not worth sweatin the small stuff…as long as you are aware of whats being eaten! That’s a very interesting fact about giving blood & it totally makes sense…your body needs to work hard to replenish the blood you just gave away!

  2. June 1, 2010 10:26 am

    Baahahahahahaha! LOVE your monster!


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